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Here we are at the ward Trunk R’ Treat! It was fun to dress up for a whole wopping 2 hours! I had to twist Jeff’s arm to dress up but he ended up doing it. Such a sport. My original plan was to be “Redneck Feast”!, but it just made me sad to think about putting tire marks across my baby. (If you didn’t get that, i’m truly sorry). So skunk family we were. It was fun. Lincoln got a ton of compliments. If you are tempted to leave comments about how stinky we are… need. We had some really clever people already think of that.  SOOOOO FUNNY!





Here we are getting Lincoln to do the famous baby/pumpkin pose.  Below are some more pictures, and one where he had a leaf in his mouth and dad had to get it out. He was more mad that dad took it out then the bad tasting leaf. Maybe it tasted good? Never really tried one.



Here she is! Alysha & Jason’s baby girl, Adelle. The first grand-daughter. She is soooooo beautiful, and only 48 more days and I get to hold her! ugh….48 more days! And for those of you who are wondering who gave her that adorable brown and pink circle blanket, that would be me. You may have guessed that knowing that every picture of my son, up till he was 6 months old, had that blanket with him. Which was from Melissa. Way off the main point of this post! Look at that face!! Look at that hair! Nice job Alysha & Jason! I can’t wait till Chistmas! I’ll post more pictures as they send them.


Yep, Lincoln is crawling indeed. He has learned to open drawers and dump his toys out at a great speed. He loves DVDs so if any of you need to expand his collection feel free to send some. I just hope he doesn’t lose his rolls now.

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Here we are at Cheekwood Mansion in Nashville. If you are looking for something to do and love gardens, art and history, this is a great place to check out. It was beautiful! My favorite was the Japanese Garden & the bamboo forest. Lincoln got pretty tuckered out by the end, but he likes anything that involves being outside. For a history of Cheekwood, just click here.

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Grandma & Grandpa came out to visit our little family this last weekend. We had so much fun and Lincoln was of course, our entertainment! He is getting so smiley and so interactive, he is also starting to crawl! well…backwards, but it’s moving none the less. Lincoln got treated to his first steak dinner and we toured Nashville as much as we could between naps. It was such a short visit, but we’ll be seeing gradma again in a couple of months and then we’ll see them again for Christmas! (you may want to skip decorating the bottom of the tree by then mom) Check out the rest of the pictures.

 (Oh…and no..I did not let my child really have steak yet)

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