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When I called my mom on Mothers’ Day, I told her “Happy Mother’s Day!”, she said “You Too!”…… What? Oh right, I am a mother. It’s not that I forget that I have a child or anything. It’s just that it’s always been my mom’s day. Not mine. But now it is, it’s every woman’s day. Every mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, etc.

So today’s thoughts are to express how grateful I am for my mother. All of the pictures are of my mom and Lincoln, cause those are the ones I think are most precious.

1. I am grateful for my mom’s patience. I did not inherit that. I am more like my dad. I do think I am patient with my son, and I am like that because of how my mother is patient with me.

2. I am grateful that my mom listens. I am far away from my mom, so I call often. Through the ups and downs she is always there for me. She let’s me vent. Which I probably do way too often.

3. I am grateful for my mom’s eyes.  Because my mom has beautiful eyes, my son has beautiful eyes, and I love people telling me how gorgeous his eyes are.

4. I am grateful for my mom’s talents. I still remember my mom playing the piano for us, making cloths, making dolls, crafts, she made EVERYTHING. She has impeccable style and taste and I’d like to think a small percentage rubbed off on me. Just a small one. I can color coordinate, although I still can’t tell the difference between 20 colors of white like she can.

5. I am so grateful for the memories I have of the small things. The way I smile at Lincoln, I think of my mom smiling at me when I was young. The way I get Lincoln ready for bed, I think of mom. When I feed, bathe, snuggle and tickle my son, I know that’s how my mom was with me.

6. Above all, I’m grateful for my mom’s love. Never in my life, no matter how many times I heard “you’ll understand when you have a kid”, did I realize the kind of love you have for your child. Overwhelming enough that you would do anything for him, you would do anything just to see him smile. You would do anything to protect him. When I think of this indescribable love for my son, I understand how my mom felt about me and all my brothers and sisters.

Thanks for being the mom you are that allows me to be the mom I am. Which I don’t think is half bad. I love you with all that I am.

Phew…on a lighter note…. here is a funny picture of my mom on a camel.

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