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Here is our last mid-September trip to Kentucky to say final goodbyes to Alex. We took a lot of pictures and got to see Jen and Ethan. Alex is now in my home state, Utah, for 2 months learning a new language and preparing to serve a mission.

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This was Lincoln’s first trip to the temple and my first time seeing the Louisville temple. It was small, but very beautiful. At least it was small enough to fit in the picture. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Yay Fall!!


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Who needs a tan when you have Photoshop?  See the original in the post below.  Then here’s a better version here, where we don’t look so pasty white.  Also, below are some cool effects you can do with Photoshop.  There’s a paint versin, a pencil version, a pen sketch version, and what I call “alien visitation” version. 

UPDATE: I realize that everyone i’m sure knows how to do this, but see…we’re having a lot of fun figuring it out. Especially Jeff.

Again, if the photo comes up a little out-of-focus when you click on it, click on it again to focus. 


 UPDATE 2: …And here’s some more non-photoshopped photos from today at Belmont University just down the street.

Again, let me know if you want the full-size copy for a background or screen saver (who wouldn’t?).





…because not every family looks this good…

Just some shots Blake (our neighbor) took – at the Tennessee Agriculture Center here in Nashville. 

UPDATE: After you click on one of the pictures below, click on the photo again to focus better. It’s being kinda wierd.




“I guess I’ll see you when I can flush your keys down the toilet”

The fam came down to see us in Nashville. We had a lot of fun having Grammy, Popa, Uncle Alex and Aunt Emily here. It was sorta a goodbye for Alex, for he is leaving in just a couple of weeks to serve a mission in the Philippines. So good luck, be safe, convert lots and don’t go swimming. C-ya sucka!




Lincoln eats carrots…and loves them!

 Ok, so I know I have already done the “my baby eats solids” post, but the point of this passage is that now I know he is not 100% Jeff! He IS my child too! See….Jeff wont go near anything that grows out of the ground with a 10 foot pole!  (unless it’s deep fried)

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carrots2_small-copy.jpg  One more of Lincoln eating carrots – in case you haven’t lost you appetite yet.

chmall.jpg  Here’s one of me taken in Kentucky.

jeff.jpg  And one of Jeff.

jeffchemenn_cropped_small.jpg  And one of us together in our house. Those are our “simmer down” faces.


 I don’t know if any of you caught the NBC special on Princess Diana, but if you missed it, you can check it out here on the MSNBC webiste. Before this came on tonight I was telling my husband just yesterday that my dream in elementary school was to arrive in a princess carriage and come out with a ball gown and a crown. He did kinda laugh and roll his eyes at the same time calling me “such a girl”, but it made me realize as I was watching the show how naive the public was about royalty. About Diana. The show talked about how everyone thought it was a real fairy tale only to find out by her own confessions of what her life was really like. She was insecure, depressed, but also vibrant and itching to break free.  I was pretty young to remember the Diana craze, but I was 16 when she died, and remember that very well.  I’m not sure if she fascinates me more now because I am older, or because she has passed and some people become even more famous after they have died. Although according to articles, interviews and books she was the most famous and most photographed woman in the world, so I don’t know if she is really any more famous than she already was.  I’m anxious to learn more about her.

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