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We had heard it was going to be nice weather this weekend, so we planned a trip to the zoo. Nice weather during the summer in Nashville is very rare ( 85 degrees instead of 95 and 90% humidity). I’ve only been a couple of times since Lincoln was born so I thought since he was a bit older he would have more fun. I think he did. Maybe. He really liked the petting zoo. For the most part he just studied each animal. We got their when it first opened which was nice because some of the animals were being fed, so they were out and about. (It gets kind of boring when all the animals are sleeping or hiding under a rock).  We just wanted to share some of our zoo pictures with you.

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Jeff finally gave up on trying to get Lincoln to turn around and look at the zebras.

This is me trying to take a picture and couldn’t get my camera to focus on the right subject.

Lincoln was pretty focused the whole zoo trip until we got to this goat. The goat sneezed and Lincoln couldn’t stop laughing.

Lincoln brushing a baby goat.

Me and Lincoln looking at the map.

Jeff and Lincoln checking out the elephants.

Here are some pictures of the animals just in case none of you have ever opened a book, turned on a t.v. or I guess ever been to a zoo.

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