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Yesterday was our actual b-day. As you can see it has been a whole month of b-day and it hasn’t stopped yet, cause we are flying out to Utah to have one more party with Ethan, Zack & Keaton. Do you think 4 party’s is a bit much? More cake for me.  Jeff picked out some batman jammies for Lincoln and that’s pretty much what he wore all day. We got a pretty nice cake, thinking that is was just going to be Jeff and I eating it anyways…might as well be good. And of course Lincoln dug into that one like it were made of cheerios. It was beatiful. Then we let him play in the tub with his new bath toys.

Jeff kept telling me he had a surprise for us. Now i’m really good at figuring out what he’s up to, but for the life of me could not figure out this one. Plus, he usually get’s too exciting and tells me the night before. But he actually kept this one. Clue #1, I talked to Ethan of course yesterday morning to wish him a happy birthday and he told me that i’ll like my surprise. What?! Ethan knows? mmmmmm….maybe Jeff bought a used chainsaw from Ethan’s shop?  Clue # 2, I told my mom that Ethan knows, she acted shocked and said that surey he doesnt. Then she quietly mumbled….”maybe he does?”. So mom and dad know too? Now, Jeff is not a phone person so I couldn’t imagine him just casually telling my family what he’s doing for our b-day without them being involved somehow. Did he get me a wedding picture? (cause we still don’t have any) I was clueless. So around 7 p.m. We got Lincoln dressed and went out for our surprise. He took me to one of my favorite restaurants in Nashville called Bricktop. When we went inside and the hostess showed us to our table, she turned to us and said their waiting for you. THEY?! It was my parents! I started bawling! We didn’t take our camera so we didn’t get pictures but we’ll take some today. yay!!! It was a good b-day surprise. And of course now all the rest of clues are hitting me like a ton of bricks. Am I getting so old that i’m just not good at figuring this stuff out anymore? I had NO clue!! hats off to my husband! hats off.



Ruby & Lincoln are 1 week apart, so Emily and I decided to have a little joint b-day party with some of our friends here in our ward. It was also Emily’s b-day and mine as well. Emily made a gorgeous cake and I made the jumbo, not nearly as cute cupcakes. Jeff and I love getting together with our friends here. I would say Jeff for the most part kicks off the conversation in politics and usually that’s what the guy’s remain talking about. The gals cover everything else. It’s fun, and i’m getting really sad that everyone is coming to the end of school now. So that means moving away. It’s exciting , but sad. Anyhoo…… getting way off the topic. Ruby and Lincoln had fun with the balloons and all the bigger kids. When it came to eating their cake, I hoped to have a little better luck with Lincoln, but once again, wouldn’t touch it. Ruby made a devine mess. It was beautiful. Lincoln was happy when I gave him some green beans and oranges. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy my kid is healthy. Maybe next time.



Jeff’s famiy is moving to El Paso, TX, so we decided we wanted to go up to Kentucky before they left. We just weren’t sure when we would be back up. Grammy & Popa decided to throw Lincoln a b-day party. Sadly, most of Jeff’s extended family had the flu, so we didn’t have a huge bash. But it was really fun anyways. Granny made the cake and goodies, but she got a bit tied up as well. She got in a car wreck! Luckily she’s ok, and now she’s got a shiny, hot, new car! It was the first time Lincoln has had any cake and much to my surprise wouldn’t touch the dang thing. So….I had to mess up his face for him. (pictures of course). We then stuck him in the tub, cleaned him up and opened presents.



Here are some pictures I gathered up while we were dating. Yes! I am remembering the time when we first fell inlove! And boy do I love this man! I could write a poem, or give you 100 reasons why I love Jeff, but I will spare you all and save that just for him. Tonight. Alone…. Ha! I’ll leave you all with that.



It’s the first time it’s really snowed in Nashville all winter. So I took this oportunity to take a picture of Lincoln discovering it. I don’t think he thought much of it.  Yes he is in socks, but he’s in 3 layers of socks! I don’t have snow shoes for the poor kid who lives in a non-snowy climate. Man….can you believe we got hit with all this snow? crazy! What’s that you say? You can hardly see the snow? rubbish……why else would they close almost every school in Tennesee today? ( I love this state)  I bet we could almost make a snowman’s head with all that snow.

 (click to enlarge)



Mitt Romney came to town this morning at favorite breakfast place The Pancake Pantry. He came nice and early, so the family decided to get up at 5 a.m. and journey two blocks from our house to support the future President!  See Jeff was a good sport and left 1/2 hour before we did with his buddies so he could get us a table at the restaurant. As I got Lincoln out of bed, Jeff called and said that if I didn’t get down there fast, I would miss it. Therefore Lincoln is in his jammies and my hair looks the way it does. I hope he doesn’t think we are just lazy rednecks! Lincoln did surprisingly well for staying up late last night for the Superbowl and then waking up at the crack of dawn this morning. Such a trooper. He knows what’s worth losing sleep over. We asked some random guy to take our picture above and ended up just getting the top of Lincoln’s head. We’re just learning how to use cameras here in Tennessee.

(be sure to click on pictures to enlarge, there are some good ones!)


mittromneyvisitfeb08-088-s.jpg We got THIS close!

mittromneyvisitfeb08-084-s.jpg Lincoln snuck up behind him as Mitt ate his pancakes. Poor guy can’t even eat a meal in peace.

mittromneyvisitfeb08-079-s.jpg We are his biggest fans!

mittromneyvisitfeb08-075-s.jpg Mitt let’s us know he’s 8 points ahead of McLame in California!

mittromneyvisitfeb08-055-s.jpg Stupid blonde got in the way! (actually I think that was a congresswoman)

mittromneyvisitfeb08-049.jpg this congresswoman. ……. Lincoln hit on her.


Us and our friends, Blake, John, and Chad!

 UPDATE:  Be sure to catch Lincoln and Jeff on Hannity & Colmes tonight on Fox News!

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