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Emmett was very ready to start eating solids. He loves it and couldn’t get enough. Gosh Dang, where does the time go?

Lincoln playing peek a boo with Emmett.

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It has been almost a year since we’ve been out to Utah.  Way too long.  So we went out for a couple of weeks. Jeff got to come out for a few days but obviously couldn’t stay that long. We were able to squeeze in a date night though while the boys stayed home with Grandpa and Grandma. We went to dinner AND a movie. Haven’t done that in years. We kept ourselves busy by playing with all the cousins and doing lots of things like the zoo and the aquarium. I made sure I had my Utah restaurant list fulfilled. Twice.  Lincoln (like his Dad) has found a whole new respect for cheeseburgers. We had In and Out at least 3 times per Lincoln’s request. (seriously)

I also got to take some pictures of Ethan’s family which you can see here on my photography blog and of Brigon & Stephanie whose will be up in a few days.

These two were fast friends. Playing together, chasing each other….loving the exact same toy at the exact same time…

Gathering the boys  up for picture time.

Tyson, Zac, Lincoln, Emmett, Kaleb, Keaton & Addelle.

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