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All day today traffic has been insane around our house – and we have been wondering exactly what is going on. As the day progressed the traffic got worse and the streets surrounding our area became very full with parked cars.  And there were limos everywhere. We quickly figured out that the Country Music Awards were being held at Belmont University-just one block from our house! Ha! Sweet, so after I picked up Jeff from school, I fixed dinner to go for Lincoln and put him in the stroller and took off down the block. We kept hearing cheers and screaming so I wanted to get there as fast as we could. What if it was Reba Mcintyre! (that’s about all I know in the Country Music scene).

As soon as we got down there a couple fans told us that we had just missed Carrie Underwood, Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill & Brad Paisley.  We also missed the hosts of the show – Hannah Montana and her dad, Billy Ray Montana.  I asked somebody if Reba had shown up yet and they said no. So we waited. No Reba. We got some pictures of other stars that Jeff and I had no idea who they were, but we figured they were famous cause people were getting autographs from them.  The one dude in the close up is named either Brad or Ricky.  Don’t remember.  If you know the names of any of the people in pictures, let us know, because we are clueless.  We headed back and realized that a part from our camera had fallen off. Jeff told me to go ahead and take Lincoln on home and he would go back and look for it. When he went back decided to take a few more pictures and saw Paula Abdul.  Below are some pics of the event.  The only person we have identified is Paula  (and Lincoln, of course).   

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