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Today i’m doing my Thursday thoughts because yesterday our internet was being goofy. Honest. So by the time it was too late to do my “Thursday thoughts” on Thursday, it was Friday and I was pretty torked at the internet.


Jeff is done with Law school!! woohoo.  He finished his last final yesterday afternoon. 3 years sounded like a long time when we started, but for me I guess it kind of went fast. Maybe not for Jeff.  [Jeff’s Comment:  it was the longest three years of my life].  So for the next few weeks before he has to start studying for the bar he is all MINE!


Neil Diamond. Neil Diamond makes me happy. I grew up listening to him, doing parachute dances in elementary school to his songs. I’ve had a good week with him being on American Idol and on the Today Show this morning. Back in college a friend brought me along with his family to see Neil Diamond in concert. He coundn’t get over how I knew every song and cried along with all the middle aged woman swooing over him. Love it.

Twix. I looooooove Twix, and my friend Becca gave me a big pack of them yesterday for my b-day. Which was back in February. Truth is, she loves me more than I thought because they sat in her house for 2 months without being eaten. True friendship right there.

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