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I'd say that Lincoln has a pretty good life.

I'd say that Lincoln has a pretty good life...

I’m sure many of you have wondered what it is like to spend an entire day with Lincoln.  Well, you’re in luck because I’ve recently followed Lincoln around all day and took pictures of many of his daily activities.  Here is Lincoln’s usual everyday schedule…

(Click on the pictures to enlarge).


8:00 – wake up and play with Thomas the choo choo while Dad gets ready for work and Mom makes some breakfast.

9:30 – After breakfast, and taking Dad to work, we come home and do a little home repair (Lincoln is such a handy man) then Lincoln takes a bath.

10:00 – We run errands, play at the park, or play at the gym. (whatever the weather is like, and whatever motivation Mom has)

11:30 – Time for lunch!  Today, Lincoln eats at the big boy table.  Getting too big for that high chair.  Mmmm, grilled cheese sandwich…

3:00 – After Lincoln’s nap, we usually make a daily trip to our neighbors, Lincoln is inlove with Brooklyn and laughs hysterically at Brody. They are the sweetest kids and always draw little pictures for Lincoln.

4:45 – Go pick up Dad from work. This is one of Lincoln’s favorite part of the day.

5:30 – Dad is home now, time for some football.  Lincoln just lounges on the couch and watches his favorite team.  I’ve tried learning this game. I’ve tried. What am I going to do if I end up having all boys?

5:45- He didn’t like that call! He literally talks to the t.v.

5:46 – Lincoln gets a little too close to the T.V. set while leaning over the edge (see above picture) and takes a dive.  He’s upset for a bit, but shakes it off like a man.  (Jeff made me put that) He’s a little scraped up though.

6:00 – Dinner. This is why he is shirtless.

6:30 – Time to go crazy!  This is Lincoln pulling his “shocked” face after destroying the house.

6:31  We don’t know what face this is.

6:45 – Getting ready for bed.  He may not be potty trained, but he’s learned to change and dispose of his own diaper.  Way to go, Lincoln.

6:50 – Brush, brush, brush.  Brush, brush, brush.  Brush your teee-eeth!

7:00 – Time to play with Dad before bedtime.  Usually, this is storytime where Mom or Dad reads Lincoln a book.

7:10 – OK, Mom, enough with the camera, I want to go to bed!

7:15 – Good night, Daddy!

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