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Part two of our post-graduation journey brought us to New Orleans – the Big Easy.  While downtown and the French Quarter are back in business, many other parts of town are still feeling the affects of Katrina.  It was a sobering and exciting place. I loooooved the French Quarter. I can see why people would want to live there. Which come to find out a lot of stars do. It’s very European and reminded Jeff of Poland. The streets are very narrow and everything is very close together. I felt like I was on Main Street at Disneyland times 100! Stupid I know, but that’s what happens when you go to Disneyland first.

We stayed in a hotel in the French Quarter and walked around a ton. We ate Po’ Boy sandwhiches, french doughnets (biegnets), and lot’s of Creole food. Everything there is deep fried. We went on a walking history tour and learned a lot about the city’s history. I highly recommend visiting New Orleans.

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  St. Louis Cathedral.

 Pirates Alley.

  Us at the fountain in Jackson Square.

 Jeff and Lincoln goofing off.  Andrew Jackson in the background.

 Bourbon Street.

  Royal Street.

  Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie House. Brad wasn’t home, I really wanted to ask him what he was thinking when he made the movie Troy.


Other street scenes.


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