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Emmett was very ready to start eating solids. He loves it and couldn’t get enough. Gosh Dang, where does the time go?

Lincoln playing peek a boo with Emmett.

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It has been almost a year since we’ve been out to Utah.  Way too long.  So we went out for a couple of weeks. Jeff got to come out for a few days but obviously couldn’t stay that long. We were able to squeeze in a date night though while the boys stayed home with Grandpa and Grandma. We went to dinner AND a movie. Haven’t done that in years. We kept ourselves busy by playing with all the cousins and doing lots of things like the zoo and the aquarium. I made sure I had my Utah restaurant list fulfilled. Twice.  Lincoln (like his Dad) has found a whole new respect for cheeseburgers. We had In and Out at least 3 times per Lincoln’s request. (seriously)

I also got to take some pictures of Ethan’s family which you can see here on my photography blog and of Brigon & Stephanie whose will be up in a few days.

These two were fast friends. Playing together, chasing each other….loving the exact same toy at the exact same time…

Gathering the boys  up for picture time.

Tyson, Zac, Lincoln, Emmett, Kaleb, Keaton & Addelle.

My parents came out to Memphis for Emmett’s blessing. It was so fun and we ate tons of good food. Lincoln was Grandpa’s little shadow. A few days after they came out we were on our way to a really good restaurant. My Dad went to go pick up Jeff from work and planned on meeting me, Mom, Lincoln and Emmett at the restaurant. Dad told me he had a few stops to make on the way and then we’d meet up about 5:45. My Mom and I waited and waited and 6 rolled around, then 6:30. I grew very ornery and hungry and didn’t know what was taking them so long. Dad told me he needed to pick up a few political books at Borders. I kept thinking…Now? We finally just got in the car and drove to the restaurant but they were still not there. I figured out something was going on, but I didn’t know what. I figured maybe they were getting me an early b-day cake or something. We went on in to the restaurant and got a table and waited about 10 minutes more for Jeff and Dad to show up. By this time it was about 7:15 or so. I saw them come in and behind them were my two sisters!!!!!! Joelle and Alysha!! I cried of course. It was so fun! It was like a huge slumber party the whole weekend! Nobody had to leave to get kids home to bed and we stayed up till 1 or 2 in the morning talking. We ate junk food and did each other’s hair….well OK, Alysha did mine.  It was the best weekend ever! I am so lucky to have had my family with me at Emmett’s blessing. I want them to come back so much.

We went to the Peabody Hotel and saw the ducks and had the best bbq in the country!

Like I said….Grandpa’s shadow. These two were never apart.

Since we’re not coming to Utah for the B-day parties, Lincoln got an early one. He got so many fun things! Disney movies, Wall-E books and I’d say his favorite, a firetruck.

He has not put that thing down for 3 days now. He even sleeps with it.

Getting ready for Super Bowl. Well….the food anyways.

At the church after the blessing.

My baby is 2 months old today so I whipped out the camera to take a few pics. All of the sudden, Lincoln whips out the charm and decides he wants his picture taken too. A lot.  Ah, I love these boys.

We decided to throw bath time in there too!

So I really thought that Emmett looked exactly like Lincoln when he was a newborn. We even keep calling him Lincoln. Then I decided to dig up some of Lincoln’s pictures. They are exactly 1 month in both pictures. The nose is the same for sure, but the eyes, skin and even mouth are different. Of course Lincoln is scowling in this picture. He’s very good at that. Just ask Jen.



Christmas was a quiet one this year. Even though we had an extra boy in the house, he slept through most of it. We decided to listen to our doctor and not do any traveling with a baby so young.  So instead of going to Utah this year, we stayed home in Memphis.  It was our first Christmas at home and it was wonderful and emotional. As hard as it was not being with family, it was fun to do our own family version this time.

We started out the week making goodies and reading lots of Christmas stories!

(click to enlarge)

(The starburst bricks were hard to pry off, but it was sooo worth it)

Christmas morning we had to remind Lincoln who had come the night before. He ran downstairs and the chalkboard was the first thing he saw.

We saved Wall-E for last. He still hasn’t put it down. Unless it’s to play with Granny’s blue tractor that she gave him.

Later that evening we went to our good friends house and had Christmas dinner with them. Above is Lincoln hugging his girl, Elyse.

The sister missionaries joined us for dessert and couldn’t believe the size of the cupcakes. (I got the cupcake pan for Christmas from mom)

Damon and Jeff being….well….Damon and Jeff.

Papa and RaRa’s reindeer outfit for Emmett. It made us all laugh.  It was so cute on him.

We love this family so much. Damon, Michelle & Elyse

Lincoln was done with pictures by the end.

Born November 23, 2009.  7 lbs. 8 oz.  19.25 inches.

Halloween09 053p

Halloween morning, at the pumpkin patch.

Halloween09 030p

Halloween09 040p

Jeff showing Lincoln that this is actually not a good pumpkin to pick.

Halloween09 055p

Taking a ride.

Halloween09 069p

Halloween09 067pp

Halloween09 085p

Carving out the pumpkins.

Halloween09 094

Decorating the house.

Halloween09 099p

Taking a break. Racing in our front yard.

Halloween09 101p

Halloween09 107.jpgcp

Halloween09 151

Our backyard. How could this not be everyone’s favorite season?

Halloween09 124p

Halloween09 160p

Getting ready to trick or treat. Lincoln’s robot costume.

Halloween09 168p

The head was a bit top heavy. Mommy carried it most of the way.

AlexhomecomingSept09 058_pp.jpgs

Here are a few pictures I took on a rainy day in our garage looking out at the driveway. Grandma got him this hat. Jeff called it Lincoln’s airplane hat, so now Lincoln never takes it off.

AlexhomecomingSept09 052.jpgs

AlexhomecomingSept09 047-pp.jpgs

AlexhomecomingSept09 007.jpgs

We ventured up to Kentucky to see Alex. He served his mission in the Phillipines. It was a really short trip, but it was really fun. Alex got to see how Ethan and Lincoln have changed and I guess the rest of us look pretty different too. Once again, thought I had taken more pictures but realized it was Robin that took most of the good ones.

I’ll get better at this.

Also I’m about 30 weeks  here.

AlexhomecomingSept09 017.jpgs

AlexhomecomingSept09 034.jpgs

AlexhomecomingSept09 030.jpgs

Up at Granny and Pa’s. Lincoln on his favorite thing in the whole wide world. If he could cuddle with this thing at night…he would.


Grandma and Grandpa came out to visit us in Sept! Now everytime Lincoln sees an airplane he asks where Mama and Papa are. We had so much fun! Here are a few pictures I took of them in our backyard.






Potty, mud Island and Botanical 8-20-09 057.jpgs

Here we are at the Botanical Gardens. A very cool place in Nashville.

Potty, mud Island and Botanical 8-20-09 085.jpgs

Down below is Mud Island.

Potty, mud Island and Botanical 8-20-09 025.jpgsPotty, mud Island and Botanical 8-20-09 012.jpgsPotty, mud Island and Botanical 8-20-09 018.jpgs

July Family Reunion Jackson and 22 weeks 239.jpgs

July Family Reunion Jackson and 22 weeks 244.jpgs

Our duplex in Nashville.

New house2

Here is our new place in Memphis. I’ll get inside pictures soon.

Jeff’s parents and sister Emily came to help us. Bless their hearts, they drove all the way from El Paso just to help us move. I thought I had a ton of pictures, but then realized that it’s Robin that took most of them. She’s the better picture taker.


The back of the house.


Finally a backyard for Lincoln.

July Family Reunion Jackson and 22 weeks 238.jpgs

I had to throw a few pictures of all of us hanging out at Grandma and Grandpas. We spent most of the time on the internet searching for housing in Memphis. Jeff got a call in Jackson Hole with great news. He got the job!

July Family Reunion Jackson and 22 weeks 224.jpgsJuly Family Reunion Jackson and 22 weeks 228.jpgs

The three and half of us!

The three and half of us!

So It’s been awhile. I know. Jeff and I talked last night and after thinking our life was pretty boring we went over the past few months and actually….a ton has happened. We had a family reunion, Jeff’s b-day, we moved to Memphis, Jeff started a new job, Jeff’s brother Alex came home from his mission, both grandparents have been to visit and well, we don’t have a new baby yet, but almost. So now we’re caught up. I just have to put pictures up. These next few posts will be short and sweet. I have a lot to do. Enjoy! Oh, these are back from June by the way. None of us look like this anymore. I’m about 18 weeks pregnant here.

Lincoln and his Grandpa.

Lincoln and his Grandpa.

July Family Reunion Jackson and 22 weeks 024.jpgsJuly Family Reunion Jackson and 22 weeks 083.jpgsJuly Family Reunion Jackson and 22 weeks 010.jpgsJuly Family Reunion Jackson and 22 weeks 129.jpgsJuly Family Reunion Jackson and 22 weeks 133.jpgsJuly Family Reunion Jackson and 22 weeks 162.jpgs

May 2009 012

Would you mess with him?

Lincoln got to tag along our neighbor’s 5 year old son’s b-day party. Heather did a army themed party for Brody and it was so cute and funny. Even the cup cakes had army men on them. They got dog tags and Heather painted some camouflage on all the kids. Lincoln had the most fun throwing the water balloon grenades. Thanks Heather and Destry for letting Lincoln feel like one of the big boys!

May 2009 007

May 2009 035.jpg1

My ward decided to do a 50’s theme party last Saturday night.  On the poster it said dress up. So I dressed up. I got on the Internet… copied my hair, makeup even curved my eyebrows. I put a “gun” to Jeff’s head about dressing up, but come to find out…50’s style for men really hasn’t changed much. So he wore jeans, t-shirt and converse shoes. He wouldn’t do the greaser look. Since I didn’t own a poodle skirt or peddle pushers, I did the 50’s mom. So we show up to the party and let’s just say I spent way too much time looking the part. I did win best costume though.

May 2009 040.jpg1 After we got home, I had Jeff take a picture of me with my Mother’s Day present.  I thought it was fitting. No, Jeff didn’t give it to me and tell me to get in the kitchen and make him cookies. I actually asked for that. My right arm is getting way too buff.

May 2009 029.jpg1 This is just so you can see my hair. I had pin curls. ( I was just informed that pincurls was more of a 30’s thing.)

Below are a few pictures that Jeff wanted me to put up. He had fun with photoshop.




Oh, and I’m pregnant. 3 months to be exact.

One of Pa's many tractor rides from the weekend!

One of Pa's many tractor rides from the weekend!

 We drove up to Kentucky this weekend and stayed the first night with Nana. We left our camera in the car and forgot to bring it out, but we had a blast with the Chugg family. We all went out to dinner Friday night and did a lot of catching up, then headed over to Aunt Kristie’s house for even more catching up. Then Nana and Aunt Caroline made us an awesome breakfast Saturday as we got ready for the day.

  We dropped off the boys at Aunt Kristie’s and we headed off to Keeneland to see the horse races. I wish we could say we came back richer.

(click to enlarge)

easter2009-kentucky-049   easter2009-kentucky-054  

easter2009-kentucky-057   easter2009-kentucky-0501


After Keeneland we headed to Granny and Pa’s for a Steak dinner and a slumber party with Austen and Morgan.

Pa quickly became Lincoln's favorite this weekend.

After a very messy day on the farm, Austin and Morgan gave them a bath and were not prepared for how wet they would get.

Easter morning before church. One of us holds the kid, the other holds the purse. Don't pay any attention to Lincoln's socks either.

Easter morning before church. One of us holds the kid, the other holds the purse. Don't pay any attention to Lincoln's socks either.

Little Morgan was Lincoln’s second mommy this weekend.

easter2009-kentucky-103   easter2009-kentucky-106

We couldn't keep Lincoln off the tractor.

We couldn't keep Lincoln off the tractor.


Trying to get him to look at the camera.

Trying to get him to look at the camera.

Macho Bo, Zach and Jeff  hiding the Easter eggs.

easter2009-kentucky-126   easter2009-kentucky-1271


Uncle Clay flying his pretty kite!

Uncle Clay flying his pretty kite!




Endless tractor rides.

(click to enlarge)

easter2009-kentucky-149   easter2009-kentucky-148

easter2009-kentucky-152   easter2009-kentucky-159


One of my favorite shots from the weekend. Mike & Ethan.

One of my favorite shots from the weekend. Mike & Ethan.

After leaving Granny’s, we stopped by Nana’s again to say goodbye and take a few pictures.

Lincoln with Nana!

Lincoln with Nana!


Jeff’s parents and little sister came to visit us on their way up to Kentucky. We’re so glad they stopped by. We love seeing family because we don’t have any that live close by. We got them for a full day and they had a ball playing with Lincoln. We met Jeff for lunch downtown and took a few pictures. They left the next morning and then stopped by again on their way back to El Paso. Grammy and Popa brought b-day presents for Lincoln and boy was he was in tractor heaven.


grammypopavistitmarch09-012s2 grammypopavistitmarch09-013s1



Lincoln getting ready to say his prayers with Grammy & Popa.


It’s been a good weekend.

Jeff took Lincoln and I to the legendary Loveless Cafe which only took us 2 years to get to. It’s very popular and of course on Saturdays it has a very long wait. All for a $10 breakfast….



I could eat Breakfast night and day, so I was a happy camper. The rest of the day we stopped by toy stores to let Lincoln pick out some presents. Jeff and I had given him some trains and cars, but we were wrong. All he wanted was tractors and airplanes.

Jeff teaching Lincoln how to show how old he is.

Jeff teaching Lincoln how to show how old he is.


It was hard to get him off.

It was hard to get him off.


We decided to have a little dessert night that Sunday with some of friends. My good friend Heather made a buttermilk chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting. Yes…it was fantastic. Wipe your chin. loveless2ndb-dayparty09-045s


Jeff and I made the train cake for Lincoln and since we had extra batter I made monster cupcakes as well. Obviously there was no theme going on here.

It was a very good weekend. Even


though I’m getting close to 30.



Lincoln playing peek-a-boo with Mommy.

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