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Here we are at the Coon Club in Kentucky! We had a lot of fun and ate a ton of food, naturally. Lincoln ate sweet potatoes and turkey! Of course provided by Gerber. I don’t think Lincoln ever touched the ground the whole  time we were up there. (Except to play with a never ending supply of toys). He was spoiled indeed. He was tought how to rough house by Bo, Zach and Al, chased a cat around the house, learned to say Dada and was introduced to Elmo. A lot happened in one week for such a tiny dude. As for Jeff and I, it was a much needed break. Especially for Jeff. Now he gets to study for finals before we head out to Utah. Enjoy the pictures!

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Has anyone else been annoyed by this commercial?  It goes a little like this:

Daughter:  Dad, can you drop me off a block before we get to the theatre.

Dad:  Sure

Daughter:  It’s just becauase people in that part of town are all riding bikes and have hybrids and stuff.

Dad:  Well, this is a hybrid.

Daughter:  A hybrid hybrid? 

And it goes on…

Is this really what society has come to?  Guilting our kids into pressuring parents to buy them hybrids?  I’m all for the environment, but isn’t this a little smug? Now our kids are going to be embarrassed by us if we don’t have a Hybrid? Make them cheaper, then i’ll think about it. Not because my kid’s friends’ parents have them.

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So I’m sure everyone has heard of the Writers Guild Strikeand maybe seen some of the news coverage on it. Well I have mixed emotions about this. First of all it does kind of suck that these writers are not getting compensated for their work that is shown on the Internet. They should get the money they deserve to go along with the nice salary they already have. (sarcasm….sorry) But really it would bust my chops too if I was getting screwed. And I really enjoy a lot of the shows that will be re-runs, The Office, 30 Rock, pretty much all of NBC’s Thursday night. So yes I’m pretty bummed about that.

But here is the mixed emotions part…..

Jeff and I went to bed at 10:00 last night! 10!!! I don’t remember the last time we went to bed that early. I’m sure to some that is a reasonable bedtime and perhaps even late! (especially with kids) But for us…we enjoy staying up and watching headlines with Jay Leno….and if we really have the energy we will sit together and watch Conon O’Briens monologue. Maybe, depending on the guest star, we’ll watch it all. So there you go. No need to suffer through the re-runs they will be showing. Time to hit the hay!


Lincoln is just showing off his first tie. 



Having fun at bath time!


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