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May 2009 012

Would you mess with him?

Lincoln got to tag along our neighbor’s 5 year old son’s b-day party. Heather did a army themed party for Brody and it was so cute and funny. Even the cup cakes had army men on them. They got dog tags and Heather painted some camouflage on all the kids. Lincoln had the most fun throwing the water balloon grenades. Thanks Heather and Destry for letting Lincoln feel like one of the big boys!

May 2009 007

May 2009 035.jpg1

My ward decided to do a 50’s theme party last Saturday night.  On the poster it said dress up. So I dressed up. I got on the Internet… copied my hair, makeup even curved my eyebrows. I put a “gun” to Jeff’s head about dressing up, but come to find out…50’s style for men really hasn’t changed much. So he wore jeans, t-shirt and converse shoes. He wouldn’t do the greaser look. Since I didn’t own a poodle skirt or peddle pushers, I did the 50’s mom. So we show up to the party and let’s just say I spent way too much time looking the part. I did win best costume though.

May 2009 040.jpg1 After we got home, I had Jeff take a picture of me with my Mother’s Day present.  I thought it was fitting. No, Jeff didn’t give it to me and tell me to get in the kitchen and make him cookies. I actually asked for that. My right arm is getting way too buff.

May 2009 029.jpg1 This is just so you can see my hair. I had pin curls. ( I was just informed that pincurls was more of a 30’s thing.)

Below are a few pictures that Jeff wanted me to put up. He had fun with photoshop.




Oh, and I’m pregnant. 3 months to be exact.

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