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Happy Birthday hon, why do I love you,  you ask? I suppose i’ll tell you…..

I love how you talk to me, and somehow make it ok.

I love that you listen to 90% I say.

I love that you are smart, when I’m clueless I ask you.

You are my encyclopedia, and my dictionary too.

I love that you always try my foods when it doesn’t turn out so tasty

I love it that I know for sure, when you think i’m crazy

I love that you’re a goofy guy and sing in the shower too,

I’d say not many have seen you this way, only just a few.

I love that you love Lincoln, you are such a silly dad

I love how quickly you make him laugh when he’s just so mad.

I love those days when I just want to veg, I can always count on you,

I give myself credit for this poem, you are sounding too good to be true.

But one last thing that I love about you and would want all to see,

Is how good you are to your family, and how much you mean to me.


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