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Little Frog Man out to get some candy.

Little Frog Man out to get some candy.

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That a pretty big Titan.

That a pretty big Titan.

Chemenn and Lincoln trick-or-treating.

Chemenn and Lincoln trick-or-treating.

Brooklyn and Destry joining in the fun.

Brooklyn and Destry joining in the fun.

Bubblemaker + Smoke machine = Smoke Bubbles.

Bubblemaker + Smoke machine = Smoke Bubbles.

Loading up on candy.

Loading up on candy.

Bonus Pre-Halloween Lincoln pics:

This is what Lincoln will look like when he gets hair.  Assuming he gets hair...

This is what Lincoln will look like when he gets hair. Assuming he gets hair...

Lincoln did not like wearing the wig.

Lincoln did not like wearing the wig.

It’s poll time again…

I'd say that Lincoln has a pretty good life.

I'd say that Lincoln has a pretty good life...

I’m sure many of you have wondered what it is like to spend an entire day with Lincoln.  Well, you’re in luck because I’ve recently followed Lincoln around all day and took pictures of many of his daily activities.  Here is Lincoln’s usual everyday schedule…

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8:00 – wake up and play with Thomas the choo choo while Dad gets ready for work and Mom makes some breakfast.

9:30 – After breakfast, and taking Dad to work, we come home and do a little home repair (Lincoln is such a handy man) then Lincoln takes a bath.

10:00 – We run errands, play at the park, or play at the gym. (whatever the weather is like, and whatever motivation Mom has)

11:30 – Time for lunch!  Today, Lincoln eats at the big boy table.  Getting too big for that high chair.  Mmmm, grilled cheese sandwich…

3:00 – After Lincoln’s nap, we usually make a daily trip to our neighbors, Lincoln is inlove with Brooklyn and laughs hysterically at Brody. They are the sweetest kids and always draw little pictures for Lincoln.

4:45 – Go pick up Dad from work. This is one of Lincoln’s favorite part of the day.

5:30 – Dad is home now, time for some football.  Lincoln just lounges on the couch and watches his favorite team.  I’ve tried learning this game. I’ve tried. What am I going to do if I end up having all boys?

5:45- He didn’t like that call! He literally talks to the t.v.

5:46 – Lincoln gets a little too close to the T.V. set while leaning over the edge (see above picture) and takes a dive.  He’s upset for a bit, but shakes it off like a man.  (Jeff made me put that) He’s a little scraped up though.

6:00 – Dinner. This is why he is shirtless.

6:30 – Time to go crazy!  This is Lincoln pulling his “shocked” face after destroying the house.

6:31  We don’t know what face this is.

6:45 – Getting ready for bed.  He may not be potty trained, but he’s learned to change and dispose of his own diaper.  Way to go, Lincoln.

6:50 – Brush, brush, brush.  Brush, brush, brush.  Brush your teee-eeth!

7:00 – Time to play with Dad before bedtime.  Usually, this is storytime where Mom or Dad reads Lincoln a book.

7:10 – OK, Mom, enough with the camera, I want to go to bed!

7:15 – Good night, Daddy!

We’re pretty excited about Tuesday’s Presidential debate at Belmont University.  We were hoping to get some good pictures today, but they already have the area blocked off.  We’re expecting some snipers to be stationed on our roof on Tuesday night…

Belmont University - Curb Event Center - Scene of Tuesday's debate.

Belmont University - Curb Event Center - Scene of Tuesday's debate.

View from our front porch (not quite)

View from our front porch (not quite)

So...the media will cover this guy by not William Ayres?

So...the media will cover this guy but not William Ayres?

That's a big sign.

That's a big sign.

Take that, liberal neighbors.

Take that, liberal neighbors.

Starting Lincoln out young.

Starting Lincoln out young.

Lincoln is growing up so fast.  He’s learned how to do a bunch of new stuff.  Sometimes we don’t realize how much he picks up on.  He’s a little camera shy and he won’t do any talking when we are taping.  That’s why he doesn’t tell us what sound the choo choo makes.

Here are some random updates about our little family. We’ll start with Jeff.

(This is a very tired Jeff)

1. Jeff is working still and now studying for the bar which is in a couple of weeks. His bar class ended a couple of weeks ago. They say you should study up to 8 hours a day in preparation for the bar. Which makes me wonder….3 years of law school wasn’t preparation enough?

2. Batman is coming out in less than 2 weeks. I would say it’s safe to say that I’ve never seen Jeff so excited. Except maybe when the first one came out. I’ll admit, I share this excitement! Christian Bale is by far the best actor out there! He’s so underrated.

3. Jeff is learning how to cook. They usually involve some twist to an existing recipe. For example. He grilled fresh pineapple and made pineapple salsa and we rolled it up with our steak fajitas! Amazing! I highly recommend that one.


1. I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of something. Not much is coming. The boys are more exciting anyways.


1. Lincoln is jibber-jabbing away. He has learned a few words and for the most part is a pretty polite kid. He can make a few animal sounds and sings his heart out.

2. Lincoln has become quite attached to his diapers, and not the clean ones. After I change him and roll up his messy diaper, he will grab it and run off. This morning after I threw away his diaper in the kitchen trash, 15 minutes later I went into his room and saw the very same diaper in his bedroom trash can. At least it went back into another trash can.

3. I can’t rock my baby anymore. I used to pace with Lincoln and sing him songs as I got him settled down for bed. Now every time I try and sing, he starts to tickle me.

 ( This is Lincoln tickling me)

4. Lincoln loves shoes! First thing he does when he wakes up is finds a pair of matching shoes and brings them to either me or Jeff. Usually they are his red cowboy boots that Grammy & Popa gave him, or his Teva sandals that Grandma and Grandpa gave him. Sometimes he’ll try for Jeff’s shoes as well.

After graduation last weekend, we ventured up to Kentucky with Jeff’s parents to visit the extended family and to see Jen (Jeff’s sister) and Ethan (Jen’s son) who flew into town from New York.  While in Kentucky, we had lots of fun hanging out with the great-grandparents and the uncles, aunts, and cousins.  Above is a picture of Lincoln with Pa (great-grandfather) on his tractor. 


Above:  Lincoln and Ethan on the tractor with Pa.


Above:  Lincoln and Ethan playing with Popa and Emily.

  Ethan, caught with his pants down. 


 Jeff & Lincoln playing around.

And these are just shots of us hanging out at Granny’s house and at Nana’s house. Lincoln went through 3 shirts that day. The big gray one is Austin’s. I ran out by that time.

(As usual, click on any of the pictures to make them bigger)

Above:  Austin displaying his strength.

Today i’m doing my Thursday thoughts because yesterday our internet was being goofy. Honest. So by the time it was too late to do my “Thursday thoughts” on Thursday, it was Friday and I was pretty torked at the internet.


Jeff is done with Law school!! woohoo.  He finished his last final yesterday afternoon. 3 years sounded like a long time when we started, but for me I guess it kind of went fast. Maybe not for Jeff.  [Jeff’s Comment:  it was the longest three years of my life].  So for the next few weeks before he has to start studying for the bar he is all MINE!


Neil Diamond. Neil Diamond makes me happy. I grew up listening to him, doing parachute dances in elementary school to his songs. I’ve had a good week with him being on American Idol and on the Today Show this morning. Back in college a friend brought me along with his family to see Neil Diamond in concert. He coundn’t get over how I knew every song and cried along with all the middle aged woman swooing over him. Love it.

Twix. I looooooove Twix, and my friend Becca gave me a big pack of them yesterday for my b-day. Which was back in February. Truth is, she loves me more than I thought because they sat in her house for 2 months without being eaten. True friendship right there.

Here is little man walking. Enjoy!


Here we are getting Lincoln to do the famous baby/pumpkin pose.  Below are some more pictures, and one where he had a leaf in his mouth and dad had to get it out. He was more mad that dad took it out then the bad tasting leaf. Maybe it tasted good? Never really tried one.



Yep, Lincoln is crawling indeed. He has learned to open drawers and dump his toys out at a great speed. He loves DVDs so if any of you need to expand his collection feel free to send some. I just hope he doesn’t lose his rolls now.

Click to enlarge




Here we are at Cheekwood Mansion in Nashville. If you are looking for something to do and love gardens, art and history, this is a great place to check out. It was beautiful! My favorite was the Japanese Garden & the bamboo forest. Lincoln got pretty tuckered out by the end, but he likes anything that involves being outside. For a history of Cheekwood, just click here.

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Grandma & Grandpa came out to visit our little family this last weekend. We had so much fun and Lincoln was of course, our entertainment! He is getting so smiley and so interactive, he is also starting to crawl! well…backwards, but it’s moving none the less. Lincoln got treated to his first steak dinner and we toured Nashville as much as we could between naps. It was such a short visit, but we’ll be seeing gradma again in a couple of months and then we’ll see them again for Christmas! (you may want to skip decorating the bottom of the tree by then mom) Check out the rest of the pictures.

 (Oh…and no..I did not let my child really have steak yet)

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…because not every family looks this good…

Just some shots Blake (our neighbor) took – at the Tennessee Agriculture Center here in Nashville. 

UPDATE: After you click on one of the pictures below, click on the photo again to focus better. It’s being kinda wierd.




“I guess I’ll see you when I can flush your keys down the toilet”

The fam came down to see us in Nashville. We had a lot of fun having Grammy, Popa, Uncle Alex and Aunt Emily here. It was sorta a goodbye for Alex, for he is leaving in just a couple of weeks to serve a mission in the Philippines. So good luck, be safe, convert lots and don’t go swimming. C-ya sucka!




Lincoln eats carrots…and loves them!

 Ok, so I know I have already done the “my baby eats solids” post, but the point of this passage is that now I know he is not 100% Jeff! He IS my child too! See….Jeff wont go near anything that grows out of the ground with a 10 foot pole!  (unless it’s deep fried)

Click to enlarge.

carrots2_small-copy.jpg  One more of Lincoln eating carrots – in case you haven’t lost you appetite yet.

chmall.jpg  Here’s one of me taken in Kentucky.

jeff.jpg  And one of Jeff.

jeffchemenn_cropped_small.jpg  And one of us together in our house. Those are our “simmer down” faces.


Here are some recent photos of my boys just having fun at home in Nashville.


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