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 I don’t know if any of you caught the NBC special on Princess Diana, but if you missed it, you can check it out here on the MSNBC webiste. Before this came on tonight I was telling my husband just yesterday that my dream in elementary school was to arrive in a princess carriage and come out with a ball gown and a crown. He did kinda laugh and roll his eyes at the same time calling me “such a girl”, but it made me realize as I was watching the show how naive the public was about royalty. About Diana. The show talked about how everyone thought it was a real fairy tale only to find out by her own confessions of what her life was really like. She was insecure, depressed, but also vibrant and itching to break free.  I was pretty young to remember the Diana craze, but I was 16 when she died, and remember that very well.  I’m not sure if she fascinates me more now because I am older, or because she has passed and some people become even more famous after they have died. Although according to articles, interviews and books she was the most famous and most photographed woman in the world, so I don’t know if she is really any more famous than she already was.  I’m anxious to learn more about her.

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