Christmas was a quiet one this year. Even though we had an extra boy in the house, he slept through most of it. We decided to listen to our doctor and not do any traveling with a baby so young.  So instead of going to Utah this year, we stayed home in Memphis.  It was our first Christmas at home and it was wonderful and emotional. As hard as it was not being with family, it was fun to do our own family version this time.

We started out the week making goodies and reading lots of Christmas stories!

(click to enlarge)

(The starburst bricks were hard to pry off, but it was sooo worth it)

Christmas morning we had to remind Lincoln who had come the night before. He ran downstairs and the chalkboard was the first thing he saw.

We saved Wall-E for last. He still hasn’t put it down. Unless it’s to play with Granny’s blue tractor that she gave him.

Later that evening we went to our good friends house and had Christmas dinner with them. Above is Lincoln hugging his girl, Elyse.

The sister missionaries joined us for dessert and couldn’t believe the size of the cupcakes. (I got the cupcake pan for Christmas from mom)

Damon and Jeff being….well….Damon and Jeff.

Papa and RaRa’s reindeer outfit for Emmett. It made us all laugh.  It was so cute on him.

We love this family so much. Damon, Michelle & Elyse

Lincoln was done with pictures by the end.