May 2009 035.jpg1

My ward decided to do a 50’s theme party last Saturday night.  On the poster it said dress up. So I dressed up. I got on the Internet… copied my hair, makeup even curved my eyebrows. I put a “gun” to Jeff’s head about dressing up, but come to find out…50’s style for men really hasn’t changed much. So he wore jeans, t-shirt and converse shoes. He wouldn’t do the greaser look. Since I didn’t own a poodle skirt or peddle pushers, I did the 50’s mom. So we show up to the party and let’s just say I spent way too much time looking the part. I did win best costume though.

May 2009 040.jpg1 After we got home, I had Jeff take a picture of me with my Mother’s Day present.  I thought it was fitting. No, Jeff didn’t give it to me and tell me to get in the kitchen and make him cookies. I actually asked for that. My right arm is getting way too buff.

May 2009 029.jpg1 This is just so you can see my hair. I had pin curls. ( I was just informed that pincurls was more of a 30’s thing.)

Below are a few pictures that Jeff wanted me to put up. He had fun with photoshop.




Oh, and I’m pregnant. 3 months to be exact.