It’s been a good weekend.

Jeff took Lincoln and I to the legendary Loveless Cafe which only took us 2 years to get to. It’s very popular and of course on Saturdays it has a very long wait. All for a $10 breakfast….



I could eat Breakfast night and day, so I was a happy camper. The rest of the day we stopped by toy stores to let Lincoln pick out some presents. Jeff and I had given him some trains and cars, but we were wrong. All he wanted was tractors and airplanes.

Jeff teaching Lincoln how to show how old he is.

Jeff teaching Lincoln how to show how old he is.


It was hard to get him off.

It was hard to get him off.


We decided to have a little dessert night that Sunday with some of friends. My good friend Heather made a buttermilk chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting. Yes…it was fantastic. Wipe your chin. loveless2ndb-dayparty09-045s


Jeff and I made the train cake for Lincoln and since we had extra batter I made monster cupcakes as well. Obviously there was no theme going on here.

It was a very good weekend. Even


though I’m getting close to 30.



Lincoln playing peek-a-boo with Mommy.