Thanksgiving was in Utah this year, and it was a “on” year for everyone else too, so it was a BIG party! Which I loved! I’m not trying to be cheesy cause I’m writing a blog, but it was really fun. I love having my whole family there with my cousins and aunts and uncles. I didn’t think to whip out the camera till after a few people had already gone home. So missing in action is Brigon and Stephanie and Adam and Nikki. But I got the rest.


This is all the cousins. Clockwise left to right is Sarah holding Jack, Austin holding Oliver, Jeff, Ethan holding Zac, Shannon, Danielle, Emily, Jessica, Ryan, Jim holding Kaleb, Joelle, Jason holding Keaton, Alysha holding Adelle, Trevor and Skyler. I’m somewhere in the middle holding an upset Lincoln.


Uncle Merril, Aunt Julie, Mom and Dad.

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thanksgiving08-077s Keaton giving me good pictures

thanksgiving08-052s Kaleb was actually upset about something right before I told him not to smile. He doesn’t listen to me.

thanksgiving08-044s Alysha just didn’t have enough lap to go around.

thanksgiving08-043s Austin and Sarah

thanksgiving08-047s My peace loving Uncle Merrill.

thanksgiving08-053s Sarah and Jessica holding Jack.

thanksgiving08-054s Trevor and me.

thanksgiving08-056s My beautiful cousin Sarah and me.

thanksgiving08-051s Emily and Danielle. Look at those two. Those other girls at BYU don’t have a chance.


The girls… from left to right, Sarah, Joelle, me, Jessica, Alysha, Emily, Danielle and Shannon.