I’ve got to put something new up. Politics is depressing me. I was tagged a while back by my friend Renee who wrote a post about guilty pleasures. I have quite a few, but I’ll try and keep it short.

Movie: Superstar. I used to watch this all the time with my roommates in college. We even memorized the dance and pratically every line in that movie. The story follows Mary Katherine trying to find her place in her Catholic high school. There are a few parts that are questionable I guess. That’s why it’s a guilty pleasure.

T.V. Show: America’s Next Top Model: Stupid Tyra Banks, seriously….is there anybody out there that talks more about herself? ok…maybe, but Tyra is bad. Yet I keep watching her show! I can’t help it. I looooove the pictures they take. Some of them get so wierd, but I just love it. I tell myself no more of Tyra Banks at the end of each season. But I keep coming back.

Clothes: My husband’s clothes. I even wear them out doing errands. I feel like a bum, I look like a bum, but I love how comfy they are and I love the way they smell. So yes, I usually wear the shirt he wore the day before.

Music: Eminem. He’s not my favorite, but he is a guilty pleasure. I just get this certain confidence booster when I listen to him.

Food: Lately I’ve been making a giant pancake and soaking it in syrup. Then I scramble an egg, salt & pepper the heck out of it and roll it up with my pancake and eat it together. mmmmmmm. Seriously, everyday for the past 2 weeks i’ve had that for breakfast. (Maybe lunch too). Really, really guilty pleasure. Ding Dongs.

Restaurant: Dennys. I’m a breakfast lover. So I’ve tried almost every breakfast place out there. Dennys still has the best breakfast. Hands down. I would eat there breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could.

Celebrity Crush: I don’t really have a guilty pleasure celebrity crush. The guy’s I think are cute, most women think are cute. But I will admit this…. I like looking at gossip blogs about celebrities.  I like looking at pictures of them when they are young and without makeup. It makes them seem more normal.  I’m not a star struck person, but guilty as charged, I like reading about thier lives.

OK,  I tag everybody on my list.