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Melissa invited us out to Seattle, so we flew up from Utah. After having 3 girls, Melissa is about due for her first boy. She has never had a baby shower so some friends of hers decided to throw one for her. This is the first time Lincoln has been to Seattle so we of course took him to the beach. (Not that he’ll remember, it was more for me to take pictures) He had so much fun with the girls and they were all little mommies to him. He was in love with Audrey and tried to hug and kiss her the most. Like any young girl should, she kept pushing him away.

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Lincoln, Anna Sophia, Ava and Audrey.

Lincoln loved playing in their backyard. They had an amazing swing set.

One thing both Melissa and I wanted to do is get pictures of them in the tub. Generally Lincoln isn’t so fond of bath time (even though he loves the swimming pool), but he got mad when it was time to get out.

After surprising Grandma it was a nonstop week. Here we have all the grandkids actually sitting still for pictures.

well……. for a minute. Thanks to Alysha for making a lovely fool of herself to get the kids smiling.

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On Grandma’s actual birthday we went to the zoo. Then we had a girls night out with dinner and took her to see Mama Mia!

A few days later we went to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving point. Lincoln would not touch the horse until he saw Keaton do it. Then he was OK with it. He had quite the good time.  Too bad his red boots don’t fit any more (hint, hint, Grammy & Popa).

This is Lincoln trying to smile. Like his daddy, it’s a bit forced for the camera.

Grandma helping him feed the goats.

Just so the post below makes a little more sense, let me explain what it was meant for. Dad and I had planned a little surprise for my mom. We had been talking about a time for me to come out but didn’t see an option available any time soon until Thanksgiving. The week I had wanted to come out was the week they were going out of town. My mom became increasingly sad about it and even wanted to cancel her vacation. So….. Dad and I decided to surprise her and come out the week before which was Labor Day weekend. (Which I had told her was to expensive to come out then). I decided to put the early birthday pictures of Lincoln coloring the night before I was flying out. So after dad came and picked us up from the airport, he dropped us off down the street and walked in the house talking on his phone with me which he often does. I also call when I put new pictures up on my blog of Lincoln so he grabbed my mom and asked her to come look at the new birthday pictures. Dad put the phone on speaker so I could hear my mom read it. Right when she read the last line…. “I wish we could be there to give it to you in person”…. Lincoln starting knocking..

For the first time in my life I didn’t blow a surprise. It was a happy day.  Lots of pictures coming soon…

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