I had planned to post this on Father’s Day as well, but we had a little trouble getting some of these pictures of dad up. Honest. It’s Alysha’s fault dad. Just kidding, no but really we had some trouble.  

I am extremely grateful for my dad. Here are a few reasons.

1. Personality. Dad is pretty darn funny. He’s very sarcastic and very dry, as am I so that’s probably why I appreciate his humor so much. He does laugh a lot easier than I do. I wish I could be more like him in that way. Sometimes it takes alot for me to get going. I’ll give you a courtesy smile though.

2. Clever. My dad is one of the smartest guys I know. He can always see the big picture. He usually has an answer for everything and if he doesn’t, he’ll work hard until he figures it out. Silly story, I remember when I was young, my brothers and sisters would get him puzzles. When he would finish that one, we would get a more complicated one with more pieces. Then in the late 80’s the big 10,000 piece puzzles came out. I think it took him a few hours to do. I thought he was the smartest guy in the world.

3. Loyalty. He has no patience for rude people, but when my dad makes friends he makes them for life. He will do anything he can to help that person out. He is one of the most unselfish men I know. And my mom? Let’s just say he’s a whipped puppy still.

4. The example he is to me. When I am going through tough times, they are so trivial when I think of what my dad has gone through. Yet, he still gives me all the support I need.  Not to get too personal, dad did not have the best childhood growing up. I feel very spoiled compared to what my dad had. He joined the church in his early twenties and because of that, I was able to grow up in the church. He worked hard and never gave up on supporting his family, and yet still found time to take us fishing, camping and to BYU football games. The lessons I’ve learned and am still learning I hope to pass along to my son.

5. He is such a great grandpa. Lincoln adores him.