Here is my baby brother Brigon and his wife Stephanie. Welcome to the family Stephanie. We’re crazy. The Reception was held in my parent’s backyard. So for about 3 or 4 months everyone pitched in to do yard work. Oh wait…..Except me, I was in Nashville. But good job guys! Seriously though, I’ve never seen the yard look that good. My mom and dad need a much deserved vacation… Nashville.

 I know i’ve mentioned this before, but my kid loves his grandpa! I think he went to him more than me.

I’m glad Lincoln turned out to look like his dad. So cute. No but really, I was kind of a funny looking kid.

 Here are all the boys and Adelle trying to get ready for pictures.

Below are some more wedding pictures. (Click to Enlarge)


This is one of my favorite pictures! Keaton and Kaleb. I have the coolest nephews!