Well, not regularly, actually just once and that was this morning. I’m not aiming to look like American Gladiators. Or am I? I didn’t do my Thursday Thoughts and now it’s Saturday, 1:33 in the morning. I don’t know if that happens to be a side affect of Steroids, but I haven’t been up this late for quite awhile. So I decided to tell you all about my stupid shot.

Anyhoo. I had an earache this morning. A pretty bad one, so I thought I better get it checked out before I fly out to Utah next week. I went to a walk in clinic and of course they couldn’t see much. Just a little redness. Great, everyone is going to think I’m a hypochondriac. So they gave me a shot of steroids?? for the pain. The shot hurt worse than my ear and my behind is still sore. Probably would not recommend that. Ugh….I really need to go to bed.