After graduation last weekend, we ventured up to Kentucky with Jeff’s parents to visit the extended family and to see Jen (Jeff’s sister) and Ethan (Jen’s son) who flew into town from New York.  While in Kentucky, we had lots of fun hanging out with the great-grandparents and the uncles, aunts, and cousins.  Above is a picture of Lincoln with Pa (great-grandfather) on his tractor. 


Above:  Lincoln and Ethan on the tractor with Pa.


Above:  Lincoln and Ethan playing with Popa and Emily.

  Ethan, caught with his pants down. 


 Jeff & Lincoln playing around.

And these are just shots of us hanging out at Granny’s house and at Nana’s house. Lincoln went through 3 shirts that day. The big gray one is Austin’s. I ran out by that time.

(As usual, click on any of the pictures to make them bigger)

Above:  Austin displaying his strength.