Jeff and I decided we needed to take a break after finals. Jeff obviously needed it more than I did. We headed down to Gulf Shores, Alabama to stay a couple of nights. It was still off season so we got a killer deal on a condo rental. (I highly recommend staying at a condo rather than a motel/hotel) This was the first time for all of us to visit the Gulf of Mexico.  We had a blast and of course had so much fun with little man on the beach.

We stumbled upon a yacht dealership while walking around and tried to see if anyone would actually think we were looking to buy one. Not so much. But we talked one of the deck hands into taking a picture of us on one of the “smaller” boats.

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  At a rest stop in Alabama.

  This is a picture from the balcony of the condo we stayed at – right above the pool.

  One of my favorite shots of Lincoln on the beach.

 Walking on the beach.

 Future Hallmark card.


These were taken on the beach and around the condo area:

These were taken around the place where we found the yacht dealership: