I’m just getting back from a long drive from our trip (pictures coming soon) so my brain is a bit sloshy.

History. History has always been one of my best subjects, at least one of my favorites. Thank goodness for recorded books and pictures. European history is, of course, much older- but there is so much to know and learn in our own country. We went to New Orleans this week and it was more fascinating then I ever imagined it would be. When Jeff and I visit places and learn about the history, I always ask him, “don’t you wish we could just go back in time?” Usually he just shruggs and says “I guess”.¬†

Historians. How amazing that somebody makes this a full time job so that I can learn what I learn.

Armadillos. I had never seen one before. But driving through Alabama I saw 10! Of course they were on thier backs on the side of the road. But I have now seen one. Jeff told me for a split second he thought of getting one and having it stuffed. What the? Probably shouldn’t have said that, Dad will never let that one go. Anyways, they are interesting and I couldn’t help but think what God was thinking when he came up with that one.