Recently at Jeff’s school, they had a guest speaker come in and talk about Law school and depression. They had a few examples of people and thier stories. Jeff came home and told me about the class and what they told these student they should do to prevent getting depressed. One of the things were to write 3 things a day that made them happy or made them grateful. coincedently I was reading a friends blog, What Would Martha Do, by Renee, and she had reserved Thursdays to write things she was grateful for. HA! Of course I told her I was going to copy her and give it a go. Jeff and I have done this on paper for a few days now and believe it or not, it works. Sometimes you usually end up saying the same things so you have to get creative.

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1. My husband makes me happy! No, i’m not just putting him down first because I would look like a jerk if I didn’t, he truly, truly does. He listens, He loves, He makes funny faces, he smells good, he looks good, he is smart, he is patient, he all around puts up with ME! Bless his heart, he even takes out the garbage without being asked. (actually only a few times, but it really, really, really makes me happy).

2. My son, Lincoln. Cliche or not, I don’t care, that kid is freaking awesome! There have been some real downer days and the innosence of a 14 month old little boy trying his hardest to put on his socks and shoes, and comb his nearly bald head is enough to make you laugh and cry. I am truly blessed with such a huge ray of sunshine in my life.

3. Springtime. It’s warming up, the trees are sprouting and flowers are growing. Time to spring clean the house and declutter. The air is still dry, crisp and fresh. I get to let Lincoln roam the parks. I really love Springtime in Nashville. Summer not so much. But it’s not about what I don’t like. So Spring, stick around for awhile.