Happy Easter everyone! Today started early for us. Last night we got some eggs and candy for Lincoln….oh who am I kidding, for us, and headed to some friends this morning for an Easter breakfast and egg hunt. Ruby and Lincoln  didn’t quite have so much interest in finding them. I justed wanted the pictures. Later we went to church with a sugar high. Later we got together with more friends and had a huge Easter dinner. So….now i’m sitting here staring at this last bit of Lindt bunny and driving Jeff crazy. He just told me if I don’t eat it soon, he will have to put the bunny out of it’s misery. I’ll just see how crazy he gets. And yes….Jeff took the picture of the Lindt bunny below. He also loaded the pictures up on the blog, so I guess he wants all you to see it too. Cause we’re classy like that.

(Click to enlarge)