Ruby & Lincoln are 1 week apart, so Emily and I decided to have a little joint b-day party with some of our friends here in our ward. It was also Emily’s b-day and mine as well. Emily made a gorgeous cake and I made the jumbo, not nearly as cute cupcakes. Jeff and I love getting together with our friends here. I would say Jeff for the most part kicks off the conversation in politics and usually that’s what the guy’s remain talking about. The gals cover everything else. It’s fun, and i’m getting really sad that everyone is coming to the end of school now. So that means moving away. It’s exciting , but sad. Anyhoo…… getting way off the topic. Ruby and Lincoln had fun with the balloons and all the bigger kids. When it came to eating their cake, I hoped to have a little better luck with Lincoln, but once again, wouldn’t touch it. Ruby made a devine mess. It was beautiful. Lincoln was happy when I gave him some green beans and oranges. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy my kid is healthy. Maybe next time.