Mitt Romney came to town this morning at favorite breakfast place The Pancake Pantry. He came nice and early, so the family decided to get up at 5 a.m. and journey two blocks from our house to support the future President!  See Jeff was a good sport and left 1/2 hour before we did with his buddies so he could get us a table at the restaurant. As I got Lincoln out of bed, Jeff called and said that if I didn’t get down there fast, I would miss it. Therefore Lincoln is in his jammies and my hair looks the way it does. I hope he doesn’t think we are just lazy rednecks! Lincoln did surprisingly well for staying up late last night for the Superbowl and then waking up at the crack of dawn this morning. Such a trooper. He knows what’s worth losing sleep over. We asked some random guy to take our picture above and ended up just getting the top of Lincoln’s head. We’re just learning how to use cameras here in Tennessee.

(be sure to click on pictures to enlarge, there are some good ones!)


mittromneyvisitfeb08-088-s.jpg We got THIS close!

mittromneyvisitfeb08-084-s.jpg Lincoln snuck up behind him as Mitt ate his pancakes. Poor guy can’t even eat a meal in peace.

mittromneyvisitfeb08-079-s.jpg We are his biggest fans!

mittromneyvisitfeb08-075-s.jpg Mitt let’s us know he’s 8 points ahead of McLame in California!

mittromneyvisitfeb08-055-s.jpg Stupid blonde got in the way! (actually I think that was a congresswoman)

mittromneyvisitfeb08-049.jpg this congresswoman. ……. Lincoln hit on her.


Us and our friends, Blake, John, and Chad!

 UPDATE:  Be sure to catch Lincoln and Jeff on Hannity & Colmes tonight on Fox News!